Adult kickboxing classes

Although The Samurai Fitness Group was set up to teach children, some parents wanted to learn what their children were being taught. As a result the adult kickboxing classes were born!

The classes are safe, friendly and open to all regardless of age, experience or level of fitness. The kickboxing techniques taught in the lessons are incorporated into pad work (hitting pads) which not only improves your technique but also your fitness!

The kickboxing taught is American style with its origin in boxing and kicking martial arts. Sparring is available for higher grades and those who wish to partake but it is not mandatory.

Kickboxing is a superb way to improve your fitness, lose weight, tone your body, increase your confidence and develop your ability to defend yourself.

If you would like more information about the class or our 1 to 1 sessions please contact us! 


Adult kickboxing classes



  • "I can thoroughly recommend The Samurai Fitness Group, kickboxing classes run by Matt Collins. I personally attended the adult kickboxing class and can vouch for Matt as a brilliant teacher and someone who is passionate about self defence."

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