When a child is being bullied the experience can be very traumatic. There is often a feeling of isolation for the child and the parent may feel unable to provide an immediate solution.

At The Samurai Fitness Group we take bullying very seriously. We have strict behavioural guidelines in our classes to prevent bullying and promote a positive, safe and friendly environment in which our students can learn.

Our kickboxing classes for children have been specifically designed to use positive reinforcement, goal setting, discipline, strength and coordination drills, public performance through Gradings and progressive self-defence training, to build high self-esteem and confidence in our students. 

If a student or parent confides in us about bullying, we work with the individual to find suitable coping mechanisms and ways to help them deter bullies without using violence. This usually involves discussions with parents regarding tangible ways of building the confidence of the child, teaching them the importance of body language, personal space protection and aggression de-escalation techniques.Your child will also learn how to channel their emotions, stay calm in stressful situations and control their flight or fight responses when in those dangerous bully situations. This will give them the best chance to not only avoid being bullied, but also eliminate the negative psychological effects that bullying can have on their mental development.

Jo Redman (World Kickboxing Champion), chose kickboxing at the age of 13 as she was being bullied. It was her focus on this that helped her through her troubled teenage years.

By simply having your children involved in our classes, they will gradually gain confidence in a fun and safe environment which in a worst-case scenario will allow them to escape a physically aggressive bully and in a best-case; build the foundations for their future success in life.

If you would like to discuss a bullying issue please contact us by telephone or via email.