Areas We Are Working On

As you can read here, Matt started The Samurai Fitness Group because of his nephew Ben. Ben was 3 at the time and asked his Uncle to teach him kickboxing. Matt agreed to teach Ben and a few of his friends and from that small group of children, the company started! We have taught over 3,000 students and have 6 employees.

As a result of the rapid growth mentioned above, inevitably it has brought about some difficulties.

One of these is ensuring a steady supply of Instructors who are notoriously difficult to find! Fortunately we have found fantastic and dedicated Instructors to manage over 50 classes a week. Matt has now come away from teaching on a regular basis to ensure consistency of the classes and Instructors. We engage in regular teaching review/analysis sessions and we ensure that all Instructors observe lessons taught by their colleagues.

Another was the huge increase in administration requirements. Matt isn’t great at admin -he never has been! As a result of that and the volume of work, he hired Sam in 2016 (not a relative they just share the same surname). Sam is the Office Manager and is trying her hardest to make Matt’s inefficiencies efficient, streamlined and professional! We also deployed a database which unfortunately has caused several major issues but Sam and the rest of the team have worked hard to iron those out and prevent them from happening in the future. Paula is Matt’s sister and she too is a dedicated to keeping Matt focussed on what he does best, teaching children Kickboxing. She is the Marketing Manager but also helps with some aspects of finance and is also regularly seen at events rolling up her sleeves and taking charge of organising the day’s logistics!

Lastly, we don’t claim to be experts is with regards to making ‘elite fighters’. We are great at developing students into really good martial artists but we do not specialise in progressing elite fighters onto national level and beyond. Matt’s instructor Malcolm Jones, 7th degree master ( has produced several world champions and has great links to fight promoters but he is based in Dorset. Matt does organise for his students to train with Malcolm occasionally but we do not currently have the provision to have regular ‘elite fighter squad sessions. This is something we are looking into developing so watch this space…