Providing Every Child with the Attention They Deserve

For 11 years and above, maturity, better concentration and an ability to learn from peers, enables the Instructor to continue to provide a suitable level of individual attention in a larger class, whilst maintaining their engagement and still having complete control.

Within our defined class age groups, we attend to the different kickboxing standards of the students by using various activities. The activities might divide the students into grade order, require them to perform their techniques individually, work in pairs or one-to-one with an Instructor.

The age division of our classes ensure the content, delivery and intensity level of the techniques and activities are suitable to each student in the lesson. Where a class is not appropriate for an individual we will suggest an alternative. 

Our kickboxing classes suit a wide variety of children because they focus on the individual. They reward your child for their individual progression and hard work and because each student develops individually in kickboxing, there is not the pressure from peers concerned about team performance.

Our kickboxing classes are great for students with energetic and boisterous characters because they provide an outlet for that energy to be used in a controlled and disciplined manner.

We also have lot of children who came to The Samurai Fitness Group as shy and unconfident characters. Our lessons build their confidence, helping them to progress and rewarding that progression within the class. As a result these students who were reluctant to train in a lesson soon have the confidence to perform kickboxing techniques on their own.