Stressful Day? Then hit something!

Beginner classes, all fitness levels, ages 16+

‘De-stress Tuesdays’ are classes specifically aimed at people with busy, stressful lives who feel they need to off-load the frustrations of the day. The classes provide a safe, non-contact, friendly environment in which you can punch, kick and shout at pads until you feel completely serene!

Classes are for beginners and all fitness levels and the lessons are non-contact (unless you choose to become involved in optional sparring); so don’t worry, you won’t get hit!

‘De-stress Tuesdays’ use Fitness kickboxing, which is based on boxing but incorporates techniques from one of the best kicking martial arts, Tae Kwon-do. The classes will make you feel better both mentally and physically because they enable you to take out your frustrations on an inanimate object (the pad) rather than your partner, friends or family. At the same time the lessons will help you to build fitness, co-ordination, stamina, speed, muscle development, confidence and give you the ability to defend yourself.

De-stress Tuesdays are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 8:30pm at Holy Trinity School, Marlow, Bucks. Standard lessons cost £7 per student per lesson and no equipment is needed except loose clothing in which you are happy to exercise. Please call before coming to the class to check availability.

E:     T: +44 (0)7828 534817