Gradings are tests that students can take in order to earn belts. 

It costs £12.50 to take part in a grading. 

These Gradings are OPTIONAL and should students not wish to grade, they can continue to attend classes as normal and progress through the syllabus with everyone else.

The belt system is at the heart of kickboxing and provides a useful way for children to focus on moving 'up the ranks', bringing with it a sense of satisfaction and self fulfilment, building a child's confidence and self esteem along the way.

Little Samurai (ages 4 to 6) earn Tags

Young Samurai (ages 7 to 11) earn Stripes

Samurai Kickboxing (ages 12 to 16) earn Colours

Adult Kickboxing (ages 17+) earn Belts

Gradings are taken at the belt in which the student currently resides e.g.If a student is taking their first Grading, it is a WHITE belt Grading (to earn a RED belt). The belt order is the same for all; 

  • RED
  • BLUE

In order to keep track of when each child is ready to grade, we issue belt 'colours' by taping a child's belt. A student requires all 3 belt colours in order to grade. When a student has achieved the required level of behaviour or has mastered their stretches or exercises at their current belt level, we will tape the left hand end of their belt with the corresponding colour;

  • Behaviour - White
  • Stretching - Blue
  • Exercise - Red

Little Samurai 

  • PURPLE TAGS require gloves and a mouthguard to grade 
  • BLUE TAGS require gloves, mouthguard, shins and feet
  • BROWN TAGS + require the full sparring equipment.
Young Samurai 
  • YELLOW STRIPES need gloves and a mouthguard to grade
  • ORANGE STRIPES need the full sparring equipment
Students currently at RED or above in any age group need the suit appropriate to their class to be graded. If your child has just moved class we will make an exception so that a new Young Samurai can wear their Little Samurai suit for their first grading. If you are in any doubt about this please either email or speak to one of the Instructors.

Annual License

All students need a valid kickboxing licence to be graded which affiliates your child to our Governing Body NAKMAS (link below).

A license costs £30 per student for the year. A sibling's license is FREE!

Licenses will automatically be added to your Grading booking via our system if it needs to be renewed or if this is your child's first Grading. All your child's license details are on their profile on the system.

Please complete a license form for your child's first license (a photo is not necessary). 

A license renewal does not require a license form to be completed.

Green belt in Kickboxing

The next Grading is:

Saturday 6th July & Sunday 14th July 2019

Please check with the Instructor to see if your child is ready to grade.

The next Grading is during Summer Camp on;

Friday 9th August

We run Gradings during some school classes at various times throughout the term. You will be notified of these.

To book in to a public or school Grading, please click the box below;


t: 07828 534817

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