The Samurai Fitness Group likes to think it is different from other children's martial art classes in the UK because it was established solely for children and our classes are split by age.

Read on to find out which class is right for your child.

Little Samurai (Age 4 to 7)

These kickboxing classes focus on developing;

  • Life skills such as confidence, social interaction, self discipline and awareness of the danger of strangers
  • Physical skills including fitness, balance and coordination. 
They are non-aggressive and targeted towards the developmental stages of this age range, so include lots of games incorporating kickboxing techniques. 

Most of all, they are great fun!

Classes are limited to 16.

Young Samurai (Age 7 to 11)

Young Samurai classes continue to focus on the life and physical skills that are taught to Little Samurais but there is also more advanced kickboxing, incorporating self-protection and anti-bullying techniques, pad work and optional light sparring. They are an ideal way to instil confidence in children. They also give the students a perfect grounding to prepare them for the Samurai Kickboxing syllabus for those aged 12 and above.

Classes are limited to 16.

Samurai Kickboxing (Age 11 to 14 &14 to 16)

These classes focus on developing our students into confident and 'street wise' young adults, skills that we feel are incredibly important as they start socialising away from the home. 

We make our students aware of some of the dangers they may be faced with as they get older and provide them with the confidence to use de-escalating techniques and positive body language in aggressive situations... kickboxing out of class is always discouraged.

The syllabus also focuses on fitness, leadership and team-work. The kickboxing and sparring techniques learnt in the younger age groups are developed at this stage and stepped up in both technical difficulty and physical intensity. 

7.45pm - 8.45pm (The Gym, Furze Platt Senior School, Maidenhead) £5

We are trialling a new drop-in class for teenagers which will focus more on strength and fitness with some pad work. This is a chance for students to tell us what they want from a session and we will adapt accordingly. It'll be high tempo with music playing - be prepared for hard work! Kickboxing experience is not necessary. All welcome.

Adult Kickboxing - Age 17+

There are two aspects to our adult classes; (1) developing all-round fitness (2) focusing on the technical aspect of kickboxing. Our lessons will combine the two so that you learn how to do techniques properly. We also believe in teaching self-protection; where, when and how to strike. 

If you are looking for a class where you're learning something as well as getting a good work out, then our adult lessons are ideal for you! You'll certainly leave most of our classes knowing you've worked hard! 

If you have a group of 10 or more interested in an adult class, do let us know - we may be able to set up a class just for you!

All of our class locations and times are available via the below 'Class Schedule' link:


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