Enhancing Essential Life Skills

Our students learn self-control, respect, concentration, listening, understanding and responding to instruction. These are not just vital for progression within the English school system but are invaluable life skills.

In order to promote these life skills developed through our kickboxing classes, The Samurai Fitness Group recognises a Student of the Week and a Student of the Month (student-page.php). These awards are given to students who have shown kindness to one another, perseverance, hard work, discipline, respect, courage or determination in their training.

Our students also develop in confidence and self-esteem as they progress through the syllabus. Our Grading system (test for a belt) although not compulsory, requires students to perform kickboxing techniques on their own. Throughout our syllabus students learn to use positive body language, assertive behaviour and strong, loud voices. As they become more experienced kickboxers, our advanced students are required to share their knowledge and expertise by teaching new students.

Our classes are relatively small in size in order to ensure the quality of our tuition. Our students are told that the class is only as good as the weakest member and at some time every student will find an aspect of the syllabus difficult. We encourage students to support each other and each instructor is dedicated to ensuring the students act in a friendly and respectful manner; regardless of their relationship with other students outside of the kickboxing class.