Little Samurai

Kickboxing classes for children aged 4 to 6

The Samurai Fitness Group likes to think it is different from other children's martial art classes in the UK because it focuses solely on the development of its students.

The Little Samurai classes do this in the following ways:

  • We specialise in teaching kickboxing to children in this age range
  • We focus on encouraging the physical and personality development of our students

• We limit the number of children per class to 16 to ensure each child gets the attention they deserve

 Our syllabus has evolved from the National Curriculum

• The Chief Instructor has academic classroom teaching experience, is a qualified martial art instructor and has over 14 years of experience in three separate martial arts.

These classes focus on two areas; ‘Life Skills’ (such as confidence, social interaction, self discipline and awareness of the danger of strangers) and ‘Physical Skills’ (including fitness, balance and coordination). The classes are based on the fundamental principles of kickboxing but are non-contact, non-aggressive and targeted towards the developmental stages of this age range. 


Little Samurai classes are held throughout the year (including school holidays) across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Please click on this 'Class Schedule' link to find a class local or convenient for you.

Standard lessons cost £8 per student per lesson. Due to a maximum limit of children per class please call before attending any lesson to check availability. 

E:                       T: +44 (0)7828 534817

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