Mini Samurai

Martial art classes for 3 to 4 year old children

These classes are specifically designed to help 3 to 4 year old children get a head start in life. The classes use fun, engaging, interactive games and activities to help develop basic physical techniques and life skill concepts such as movement, control of the body, emergency skills and working with other children. The lessons last for 30 minutes and are taught within a disciplined and routine environment that is targeted at the developmental stages of this specific year group.

Mini Samurai classes are due to start in 2011 on Fridays from 9:45am to 10:15am at the Royal British Legion in Marlow. They will cost £5 per student per lesson and there is a maximum of 15 students per lesson so please contact The Samurai Fitness Group to find out the date of the first lesson.

E:     T: +44 (0)7828 534817