Student of the Month

Every month, our Instructors will nominate a deserving student for recognition.

Megan Taylor

For working really hard attending 2 lessons a week, never giving up and as a result progressing very quickly!

Previous winners of Student of The Month

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Skye Beaumont-Hardy

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Ellie McCaffery

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Mikey September

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Nathaniel Jacob

Matt's Top Tips

In the sparring sessions we quite often work on speed. We focus on a combination of 3 attacks and how the footwork and delivery of techniques can significantly increase their speed. 

In Kickboxing, a lot of things must combine in order to deliver an excellent technique. Your body must be fit, strong, coordinated and flexible to cope with the force of the technique but also to impact the control, speed and technique of what you are doing. 

My tip for students is to consider the speed of their action and to ensure it is suitable for the situation.

For example, if you are demonstrating a '3' (front snap kick off your front leg) in the air, in class or during a Grading, you will need to show your balance, control and accuracy. A technique that is done too quickly will lose these attributes and will look rushed and unprofessional. 

If you are sparring, the standard of the '3' is less important. The priority is to deliver it before your opponent moves out of the way or attacks you. As a result, you need to focus on making the kick faster. 

Finally, if you are doing pad work, you will need to demonstrate your power and accuracy. The '3' delivered here needs to combine acceleration and a high standard of technique to ensure a powerful kick. 

When you are training in Kickboxing over the next few weeks, think about what situation you are in and therefore how your techniques should be delivered. This should tell you at what speed they should be done.

If you are unsure of the correct speed, speak to your Instructor because once you master the speed of the technique your Kickboxing ability will grow significantly.

Enjoy your training! 


Martial Arts at GCSE

If you have trained in martial arts or have a child that has been part of a well organised martial arts class, you will be fully aware of the benefits to physical and mental health and social wellbeing. Martial arts allow people to progress at their own speed, rewarding them for their progression and instilling a sense of worth, respect for others and a grounded self confidence. 

Martial art techniques help to develop a genuine all-round fitness that compliments other sports and also provides life-skills which can have positive, tangible impacts on a day to day basis. Nowhere else is this more evident than martial art exponents with dyspraxia but I have also seen the lives of children low in confidence, self-esteem or social skills, literally come out of their shells and blossom as a result of a passion for martial arts.

It is for these reasons that I feel martial arts should be just as valid, if not more than so than any other sport at GCSE and A Level. The government are however making a decision in the autumn of this year that could take martial arts off the GCSE PE National Curriculum in the UK. 

I am fully aware that the martial arts industry is fragmented. Sadly, politics, money and the desire for power in martial arts has separated many organisations into various disciplines and this has resulted in there being no single governing body to determine quality. This does create logistical issues regarding assessment of students at GCSE and A Level but it must be possible to negate this issue through an approved instructor list, instructor validation criteria or syllabus assessment.

Let's hope the government realises the huge potential martial arts has to improve not only the lives of individuals but also local communities and make the decision to keep it as an integral part of the curriculum. With all the current focus on child obesity, social integration and individual responsibility it would seem naive to choose any other course.


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