Samurai Kickboxing classes

Kickboxing classes for children aged 12 to 16

These classes focus on developing our students into confident and 'street wise' young adults; skills that we feel are incredibly important as they start socialising away from the home. 

Whether we like it or not this age group is likely to come into contact with alcohol or people that are under the influence of it. Alcohol significantly alters your reaction time, awareness and natural sense of danger and socialising with those that are under the influence of alcohol increases the likelihood of conflict. 

At The Samurai Fitness Group we feel that by making our students aware of these dangers and providing them the confidence to use de-escalating techniques and positive body language they are less likely to have to use Kickboxing to resolve aggressive situations. However, as a last resort and should they be threatened and have to protect themselves from danger, we also show them how.

The Samurai Kickboxing syllabus does of course also focus on fitness, leadership, team-work and the kickboxing and sparring techniques that are developed in the younger age groups but they are targeted at this higher developmental stage and stepped up in both technical difficulty and physical intensity. 

Please click this 'Class Schedule' link to find the locations in which we offer Samurai Kickboxing classes.
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