Providing Our Students With Self Protection Skills

Workshops are based, not on standard physical techniques in response to attacks but understanding the impact of adrenaline and converting that biological reaction into assertive behaviour and pacification of aggression and an honourable exit for the aggressor. When those avoidance techniques fail, the workshops teach effective ways to debilitate an attacker so you can reach a place of safety.

Importantly, within our kickboxing classes we teach Self Protection techniques that are relevant to age, understanding and life circumstances.

With our youngest students, we focus on recognising what is safe, getting to a place of safety and reporting their concerns.

As our students get older we teach them to recognise their personal alarm system (their biological response to fear), how to protect their personal space and to display assertive behaviour.

Finally, for our oldest students we teach them how to de-escalate aggression, avoid confrontation and ultimately if they feel threatened and cannot escape, how to debilitate an attacker.

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