Sparring Tournament

We are excited to announce that we have our first Samurai Kickboxing Sparring Tournament on;

Sunday 10th March 12-4pm

Hazlemere Community Centre (HP15 7UB)

To ensure the safety of our students, only those with Samurai approved sparring equipment and at the following grades (belts) can enter the Tournament: 

  • Little Samurai (Reception – Year 2) - Purple Tags and above
  • Young Samurai (Year 3 – 6) – Yellow Stripes and above
  • Samurai Kickboxers (Year 7 +) – all students
If you’re unsure of the belt order, please go to the 'Gradings' tab on this website.

Entry to the Tournament will be £15 per student and £7.50 for each additional sibling however, there will be an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of £10 per student & £5 for additional siblings so book early!

Every student sparring must have equipment approved by Samurai Kickboxing. If you’d like to purchase any sparring equipment, please go to The Samurai Shop on this website.

Please don't be put off by Sparring, it is an essential part of kickboxing. Your child isn't too young and won't get hurt. The Tournament is age appropriate, extremely safe and very controlled by qualified Instructors who will only allow light and / or controlled contact. 

Our Sparring Tournament consists of 2 contests;

  • Point Stop Sparring (when a point is scored the fight is paused)
  • Continuous Sparring (each fight has a set duration and only stopped for infringements). 

Both contests are open to all competitors and we will be practising both styles of sparring in class (for those students that are at the required grade). 

Medals will be awarded for the winners of each competition and every student receives a certificate for attending.