Sparring with The Samurai Fitness Group is all about control. We look for our students to control not just their power but also their behaviour. 

Beginners start to spar using only their hands to strike the trunk of their opponent (below the head and above the groin). This helps develop light, quick touches to the body and confidence in the practitioners that they will not get hurt or hurt their opponent. The next stage is to introduce kicks again to the trunk, until enough control is developed to hit and kick to the head. 

Sparring helps develop confidence and prevents students from flinching which is vital not only for them to progress in sparring but also in the field of self-protection. 

All students sparring are required to wear protective gear approved by The Samurai Fitness Group and are supervised to ensure the contact level is appropriate and safe for both competitors. All attendees must have a minimum of The Samurai Fitness Group approved gloves and gum shield which can be purchased from our online shop.

Our sparring sessions during term time are:
  • 1st Saturday of every month at Holy Trinity School, Cookham (SL6 9QJ), 11am - 12pm, £5 per student
The following students are welcome to attend; 
Little Samurai - Purple Tag and above
Young Samurai - Yellow Stripe and above
All Samurai Kickboxers

Below is a reminder of the belt order;

  • RED
  • BLUE
To book, please click the following link;


t: 07828 534817

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