Embracing Special Needs

Our classes allow your child to develop at their own pace. They develop self-assurance and independence because every goal your child achieves is a direct result of their own hard work and effort.

The Samurai Fitness Group aim to run all their lessons with the same Instructor who teaches in the same venue with consistent discipline but in a friendly class environment. These factors have enabled children with varying levels of concentration, emotional control, physical ability, social skills and comprehension to thrive in our classes. 

We have taught students with dyspraxia, attention deficit disorders, students on the autistic spectrum and those with physical disabilities but we see every one of our students as having different needs.

‘Special needs'… we hate that term at The Samurai Fitness Group. Not because we wish to understate the challenges that children with ‘disabilities’ have to face but because we teach every child in the same way. Our approach for any child who joins our class is to understand how they learn, how we can engage them and how we can help them become better Kickboxers. We help our students to be proud of what they can do and then teach them to enjoy developing the things they are not so good at.

We are not experts in specific learning, behavioural, emotional or physical conditions so for every new student we assess their ability to join-in with the class activities and where necessary we talk to the child, parent/carer to understand what we can do to best meet their needs. 

If we feel a child is not suitable for a class due to group dynamics, standard of kickboxing, age range or physical requirements, we will tell the parent. We will suggest an alternative class, 1 to 1 sessions or referral to someone with more specialist knowledge to better teach that individual.