Welcome to The Samurai Fitness Group!

Classes that target the needs of every student from 3 years old and up!

The Samurai Fitness Group is unlike other martial arts and fitness organisations because it doesn’t just provide generic lessons; it actually targets its classes to its students based on their age, ability, fitness level and their reason for training. The Samurai Fitness Group has 5 different lesson types.
  • Mini Samurai - 3 to 4 year old children

  • Little Samurai - 4 to 6 year old children

  • Young Samurai - 7 to 11 year old children

  • Fitness Kickboxing - 16+

  • Fight Fat & Get Fit - All ages

Mini Samurai - Children aged 3 to 4
These classes use fun, engaging and interactive games to help to develop fundamental skills such as balance, co-ordination, fitness, self-control and respect of others.

Little Samurai -
Children aged 4 to 6
These Kickboxing classes focus on developing  ‘Life Skills’ such as confidence, social interaction, self discipline and awareness of the danger of strangers and ‘Physical Skills’ including fitness, balance and coordination. They are non-aggressive and targeted towards the developmental stages of this age range.

Young Samurai -
Ages 7 to 12
The Young Samurai kickboxing classes focus on more advanced physical techniques and concepts and are an ideal way to install confidence in children, something that is vital in reducing the risk of attack or bullying

Stressful Day? Then hit something on De-Stress Tuesdays - 16+
Fitness Kickboxing classes help you to de-stress by unloading your frustrations of the day onto pads. The classes are non-contact (you won’t get hit) and will help you become more relaxed whilst getting you fitter and teaching you how to protect yourself.

Fight Fat & Get Fit - All ages
A fitness class that incorporates martial arts techniques to help you lose weight, tone your body and make you proud of your physique.

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