Young Samurai

Kickboxing classes for children aged 7 to 11

Unlike many other martial arts organisations, The Samurai Fitness Group recognises the different child development stages and therefore it divides its classes into specific age ranges. 

The Young Samurai classes focus on more advanced physical techniques and concepts than the Little Samurai lessons by incorporating self-protection and anti-bullying techniques, pad work and optional light sparring. These classes are an ideal way to install confidence in children, something that is so important in reducing the risk of attack or bullying. They also give the students a perfect grounding to prepare them for the Samurai Kickboxing syllabus that is taught to those aged 12 and above.

Young Samurai classes are held across Berkshire and Buckinghamhire. Please click on this 'Class Schedule' link to find out more.

Standard lessons cost £8 per student per lesson. There is a maximum of 16 students per class so please call before-hand to check availability.

E:                       T: +44 (0)7828 534817

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