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Welcome to The Samurai Fitness Group! 

We started almost 10 years ago, solely to teach kickboxing to children and now have over 50 classes a week in Berks, Bucks, Herts & Oxon and also now in Jersey! 

Children can start kickboxing as young as 4 and it will provide them with many benefits. Growing up learning kickboxing will increase your child's flexibility, strength, balance and fitness. It will also provide them with self-confidence to effectively defend themselves in tricky situations. We empower children by teaching them core life skills that enrich their lives and provide them with a foundation upon which they can become the best versions of themselves.

We teach in public venues and at schools (breakfast, lunch and after school lessons).

School classes are £7 per session (if paid by Direct Debit)
Public classes are £8 per session (if paid by Direct Debit)

To see our class locations and times or to book your first FREE trial session, click 'Book Here'. Please note, a free trial does not guarantee a place in the class, this is subject to availability.

If we do not have a class at a time or location convenient to you and you have a group of 10 or so interested children, we could start a class at a venue of your choice. Please contact us for more details.

Our aim is to enhance the lives of children we teach through the following;

1) Age Group Specific

Our classes are structured around the developmental stages defined in the National Curriculum;

Mini Samurai – ages 3 to 4
Little Samurai – 4 to 7
Young Samurai – 7 to 11
Samurai Kickboxing (1) – 11 to 14
Samurai Kickboxing (2) – 14 to 16
Adult kickboxing - 17+

To read more about our classes, please click the button below;

2) Individual Attention 

We have a maximum of 16 students per class up to the age of 11 and 24 students for 11 years + which allows us to successfully focus on the individual development of our students. As a result, everyone gets the attention they need in order to progress whilst still feeling part of a small and friendly club.

To read more, click here; attention-they-deserve.php

3) Balance of Discipline & Fun

We want our students to enjoy themselves, come out of their class with a smile and look forward to the next lesson! If that’s not happening, we want to know why.

To find out more click here; discipline-and-fun.php

4) Complimenting Other Sports & Increasing Fitness Levels

Including acceleration, agility, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, speed, stamina and strength.

To watch Paul Pogba (Manchester United) kickboxing complimenting his football training, click here; fitness-levels-and-complimenting-other-sports.php

5) Life Skills

Including self-confidence, discipline, respect & social interaction.

To read more, click here; life-skills.php

6) Self Protection Skills

Most of us are eager for our children to learn to swim but how many of us provide our children with the life skill of being able to deal with conflict or intimidating situations? 

Our Kickboxing classes teach self protection techniques alongside kickboxing and in addition, The Chief Instructor of The Samurai Fitness Group, Matthew Collins is a founding member of Self Protection Ltd who deliver workshops specifically on self protection for children aged 7 years old right through to pensioners!

To read more, click here; self-protection-skills.php

7) Embracing Special Needs

Each of us learn differently and have different physical strengths and weaknesses. At The Samurai Fitness Group we want to understand how each one of our students learn, what motivates them, what their strengths are and how we can help them become better Kickboxers. 

To read more, click here; special-needs.php

We’ve talked about all of our positives but we know we’re not perfect! 

Click here to read about the areas we are working on; areas-were-working-on.php

Our Parents Love Samurai Kickboxing Because...

I thank you all for your support over the last several years.
My son has been encouraged to stay fit and see himself as athletic thanks to the regular encouragement from his Instructor and the enjoyment of sharing the classes with his best mates. 
March 2019

I would like to mention how grateful I am for all of Alex’s help. He is a real asset to Samurai Kickboxing. We are forever thankful for his kind & thoughtful approach & his guidance he has given to help nurture our daughter. We have been part of the Samurai family for 6 years now & we wouldn’t choose any other company for our girls. We think you are all awesome! 
March 2019 

I’ve been training with Matt for 9 years now and would like to say thank you for teaching me kickboxing. The break falls  and shoulder rolls have helped me walk away from a motorcycle crash with little to no damage. I definitely recommend training with Matt and the team as you never know when your going to need the skills that he teaches! 
March 2019

I’ve been meaning to email for a while to say how impressed I’ve been with your Instructors in relation to dealing with a new joiner with his difficult behaviour and lack of discipline. The Instructors have persevered with kind firmness & there’s been a huge improvement in the child's behaviour & participation in class. It’s been so heartening to see them not giving up on him and yet having the skill to not let his behaviour have a detrimental effect on the rest of the class. That takes some skilful teaching and shows their genuine love for the children & their work. I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job!! 
Jan 2019

Thank you for all you guys have done in 2018, both boys gain so much from the classes they attend and will be looking forward to 2019. Jan 2019

I can thoroughly recommend The Samurai Fitness Group kickboxing classes run by Matt Collins. I personally attended the adult kickboxing class and can vouch for Matt as a brilliant teacher and someone who is passionate about self defence.

I would just like to thank you for all your and your team's hard work you all put in to the girls' kickboxing classes. I know they thoroughly enjoy their fun, creative and dynamic classes so much and we can really see the progress both of them are making. We really appreciate all of your hard work.

Our daughter started Little Samurai at 4 years and 2 months. Frankly, I couldn't wait for her to start as I had done a few adult classes with Matt and absolutely loved it. She was the youngest and the smallest (by far) in the class but this did not intimidate her. Little Samurai classes are very friendly and non-aggressive. Children are trained at different levels and at their own pace. Self-respect and respect for fellow students and teachers is imprinted in their routine. 2.5 years on, she still enjoys the Kickboxing lessons. Her focus and confidence has grown and her agility is really impressive. Achieving Purple Belt recently and getting her first boxing gloves has been the highlight of the year for her! As parents we can see the progress she’s made and she has a genuine interest and passion for this sport. This is thanks to the incredible Instructors she’s had along the way. She looks forward to progressing to Young Samurai later this year.

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